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Hand-Knitted Apparel & Homeware

Welcome to It's a Purl Thing and thanks for stopping by!

We're passionate about knitting and strive to create items that will still be usable after many years.


“Invest time in what makes you happy”

Hi, I'm Hannah and I created It's a Purl Thing. I absolutely adore knitting and spend a lot of my time snuggled into the sofa, binging Netflix or listening to a podcast whilst knitting.

I really care about the environment and think it's important for society to do their bit (no matter how big or small) to help restore the health of our planet. This is why It's A Purl Thing offers yarn that has been made via recycled goods; is biodegradable or contains zero plastic.

I love creating things and will be happy to discuss alternative yarns with you and will even help you choose a pattern. I'm also happy to take requests so please send them my way!

Take care and stay safe during these crazy coronavirus times x

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